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Twinning for reaching sustainable scientific and technological excellence in the field of Green Electronics

This project proposal aims at significantly strengthening research and innovation capacities of the University of Novi Sad (UNS), Serbia in the emerging field of Green Electronics by twinning action with EU internationallyleading research institutions – Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Italy and Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark. Through this project, networking gaps and deficiencies between the UNS and EU leaders will be decreased as well as RDI capacity of the involved institutions will be enhanced and staff’s research profile will be improved. Green Electronics or Food-based electronics or electronic devices which can be consumed through the digestive system, provides solution for continuous monitoring of physiological parameters of the human body and represents alternative for invasive and painful approaches in conventional medicine. The GREENELIT work program envisages: (1) Sustainable linking for excellence - through transfer of knowledge and expertise during secondments, best practices will circulate between UNS and EU leading research institutions (IIT and DTU); (2) Raise research profile of the UNS and its staff - through delivering lectures by experts, short-term on-site training, organization of workshop/ conference and strengthening the research management and administration unit at UNS; (3) Scientific strategy for stepping up in the field of Green Electronics - through benchmarking analysis and creating the Strategy and Action plan for its implementation; (4) Involvement of early stage researchers - focused on promotion of involvement of ESRs at UNS and improvement prospects of their career through training, mentoring and networking measures; (5) Dissemination and outreach activities - aimed to present the GREENELIT achievements to a wider community. This project will significantly support the UNS on the route to be a dynamic "innovation engine" capable of sustaining regional and national scientific, economic and social growth.

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Mario Caironi
Mario Caironi
Printed and Molecular Electronics
Total budget: 228.675,00€
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